First Time Harness User is Thanking His Lucky Stars

I know hunters that have been hunting for 30 or 40 years and have never used a safety harness. Most think a tree stand fall won’t happen to them, but honestly, you never know. This hunter finally decided to take a step in the right direction and get one and his first time in the stand he is glad he did.

Danny Dupree posted on his Facebook page about his son’s hunting accident that could have been a lot worse if he did not decide to start wearing a safety harness. Here is his story.

I’ve been hunting since I was 7 and hunting out of lock-ons since my teens. I’v always used safety belt to hang stands but never used a harness or life line while hunting. And before anyone says well that’s just stupid. I already know that. I’m posting this in hopes that it may get others who like myself thought they never needed one and to change their mind. My son and I were discussing how we need to start using one this yr.
Well thankfully he’s smarter than I am and decided to get one. On Monday by the way was the first time he used it.It saved him from serious bodily injury or even death. Strap broke on his ladder and this happened which left him hanging from his life line. Trust me I’ll be using one from now on and you should to
Stay safe…..

Wow, that is an amazing testimony. If he waited even one more day this story would have a completely different outcome. If anyone is not using a harness please take to heart this story and do not let your next trip up a tree be your last.