Fishermen Find 16 Foot Snake Frozen In River

Two Steelhead fishermen found more than fish when they were out on the Chagrin River in north east Ohio. While fishing a run they came across a huge half frozen snake wrapped around a log. After they got it unraveled it measured out to 16 feet long.

Giant constrictors like this are not native to Ohio. It was more than likely released when it got too big for its owner to take care of. At least it was in Ohio where the snake would not be able to survive in the wild and not cause the problems they are having in Flordia.

Cleveland Metroparks aquatic biologist Mike Durkalec says it’s not the first time he’s come across a dead constrictor.

“Over the years, I’ve had two incidents where I’ve personally seen constrictors dead along our rivers this time of year. One was a 7-foot animal snagged by a fisherman; the other one, I found myself just along the side of the river. That was about a four to five foot boa.”

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