Fishing Guide Posts Disgusting Fawn Kill to Social Media

Everybody knows that bad things happen, but it is how you deal with them that shows your character. Fishing guide Micheal Ray Garcia is finding that out the hard way after posting about a fawn his dog Gus killed and then bragging about it on Instagram and Facebook.

The backlash came quickly and he has already sanitized his accounts, but it was too late. Screenshots of the incident have been circulating on social media and have been causing intense blowback.

On 19 July the following photos were uploaded to his Instagram account: (He also filmed the kill but the video has been taken down before anyone made a copy.)

Lights out on the main river today dry dropper all day. Gus provided the best action at the end of the day . got his first big game kill.

Michael is an employee of Conejos River Anglers. They issued the following statement in an Instagram post. (This post also seems to have been deleted)

This is the face of social media savvy of Conejos River Anglers. I too was very saddened by the fawn meeting his end. Thanks to all who understand that Gus was acting in his true nature, and is a great dog just as mike is a very good man. Please ask a question before you judge. There’s enough anger in the world. Communication is key. Feel free to contact the game warden, that is your right, but cease continuing darkness and hatred, please it helps no one.

Even after the backlash started Michael seems unrepentant. He actually made this picture of the mother deer watching his dog kill the fawn and was defiant to anyone who criticized his actions. (His account has either been removed or set to private)

I understand that dogs can and will kill fawns, but to brag about it on social media is just wrong. As a pet owner, you are responsible for the actions of your pet. According to people that saw your now-deleted video, you gave a minimal effort to stop your dog. Which makes you responsible for the outcome.