Five Books Every Hunter Should Read

If you are like me you are constantly trying to learn. I found no better way to learn than reading. I also love hunting, so great books on hunting are always finding their way onto my bookshelf. Here is a collection of a few of my favorites.

1. Meat Eater by Steve Rinella

If you like hunting stories and hunting philosophy than this is the book for you. Steve takes you on a journey through his life and how he developed as a hunter. The book encourages introspection and is a joy to read. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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2. The Tenth Legion by Colonel Tom Kelly

I can easily say there is no better book written on turkey hunting. Kelly’s writing style will have you in stitches. It is not often that I laugh out loud when reading a book, but this book has caused it numerous times. His way with words and knowledge is impeccable and should be on every Hunter’s bookshelf.

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3. Why We Hunt by Aaron Futrell

The modern world says hunting is obsolete and no longer needed, Aaron Futrell disagrees. He outlines why the modern hunter is still needed and what motivates him to go afield in a modern world. He ultimately answers the slippery question of Why We Hunt.

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4. In Defence of Hunting by James A. Swan

Hunting is an honorable and ethical endeavor and no one lays this out better than Jame Swan. If you want to know how to defend hunting than you should definitely read this book. It will give you the tools you need to articulately shoot down the lies leveled against hunting.

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5. Meditations on Hunting by Jose Ortega y Gasset

This iconic book may be one of the most quoted hunting books of all time. its views on hunting are still relevant even though it was written decades ago.

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There are of course many great hunting books but these are a few of my favorites. I encourage every hunter to pick one up and give it a read. You will be glad you did.