Five Record Breaking Animals from the 2018-19 Hunting Season

Pope and Young World Record Brown Bear

The Pope and Young Club convened a special board to score Chris Cammack’s enormous bear. He killed the bear earlier this spring on the Alaskan peninsula. The panel scored the skull and determined that the original score of 29 4/16″ was accurate. It barely surpassed Jack Brittingham’s 2004 bear by 1/16 of an inch.

Pope and Young Non-Typical Mule Deer

According to Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, Dennis Bennett arrowed the deer of a lifetime in the Arm River area of Saskatchewan on 1 October 2018.  The Non-Typical Mule Deer was green scored in October and scored 293 6/8. It was then panel scored after the 60 day drying period and confirmed as the World Record Archer Non-Typical mule deer. The buck scored a whopping 291 1/8 and will be entered into the Pope & Young record book this spring.

Most Scoreable Points on a Whitetail

Keith Szableswki from Johnston City, Illinois killed a 51 point buck during the first weekend of the Illinois shotgun season. Szableswki plans on having the buck officially scored this summer at the Deer and Turkey Expo in Peoria. Then we will officially have an answer on if the buck really is a 51 point.

*Disclaimer: Since record book, whitetails are measured in inches and not in points, I have had a hard time confirming that the Tucker Buck did indeed hold the record of most scoreable points with 47. I looked at a good number of nontypical record book bucks and the Tucker buck is the highest. A few of the notable bucks I looked at The Hole-in-the-Horn Buck had 45, Missouri Monarch had 37, and the Beatty Buck 39.

Oklahoma State Record Non-Typical Elk

Tyson Heibert now holds the new state record for a non-typical elk. The 9 x 9 elk measured 356 7/8 inches. He shot it on his family’s land near Camargo in northwest Oklahoma.

World Record Non-Typical Whitetail

At the first day of the 2019 Archery Trade Association Trade Show a new world record buck was confirmed. Luke Brewster’s scored a massive 320 5/8, but that turned out to be low. The buck was panel scored by Pope and Young and given a final score of 327 7/8