Five-Year-Old Girl Finds Monster Morel

Morels are the tastiest and most sought after wild mushroom in North America. Every spring thousands of mushroom hunters hit the woods trying to find these delicious morsels. Most morels average only a few inches in length, but every now and then hunter find a truly gigantic specimin.

This year’s monster morel was found in Upshur County West Virginia by a five-year-old girl. According to WBOY Channel 12, five-year-old Jasi Butler struck the motherload when she found this giant morel that weighed 0.9 lbs and measured 11 inches tall and 15 inches in circumference.

Jasi and her family are avid mushroom hunters who have been hunting for years.

“We’ve taken her since she was four or five days old,” said Shon Butler, Jasi’s dad. “Her birthday is April 5 so about four or five days later mushroom time of year hit and we just took her and she’s gone ever since.”

“With the stay at home order we’ve been going through we’ve pretty much been going everyday looking for mushrooms,” explained Shon Butler. “This is the biggest morel I’ve ever seen in 37 years of mushroom hunting.”

“It’s just enjoyable to get out and learn the different tree species and pass that down to Jasi,” stated Butler.

Awesome find little girl, I am sure you will remember it for a lifetime.