Flordia Issues Weather Warning for Falling Iguanas

Most people have heard the phrase it is raining cats and dogs, but in Florida, they have another weather-related animal to deal with. In Florida when it gets cold it rains iguanas.

Iguanas are cold-blooded animals and when it gets cold their body slows down and they enter a state of hibernation. Since most iguanas live in trees when a cold front swings through they fall asleep on branches and end up falling off and crashing to the ground. Iguanas get fairly large so you do not want to be underneath them when they fall.

Weatherman James Spann reported on the topic in a Facebook post. He explained that this happens when the weather drops to around 40F and that is the weather most of southern Florida is expecting over the weekend.

Iguanas are an invasive species in Florida and cause millions of dollars in damage to crops, as well as being dangerous to native wildlife. There is no closed season on them and even PETA recognized the need to control their numbers.

Many people have taken to hunting and eating them. The meat is a delicacy on many Caribbean Islands, as well as Central and South America. I am actually looking forward to trying it sometime.

Probably the funniest story about falling iguanas is where a man found a lot of passed out iguanas that had fallen out for trees laying on the ground. He was excited about his good fortune and gathered them up and put them in his car so he could take them home and butcher them for meat. While he was driving the warm car caused the iguanas to wake up. The mayhem of having a car full of angry iguanas caused the man to crash.

Just remember these iguanas are not dead. They are just sleeping. If you decided to pick them up and take them home, once they are warm they will return to their regular ornery selves, so be careful.