Florida Man Fills Car Up with Frozen Iguanas: They Thaw and He Crashes

The internet was a buzz about a warning issued by the National Weather Service out of Miami. They warned that due to cold weather people should watch out for iguanas falling out of trees.

Iguanas are cold-blooded animals and with the cold snap that pushed through Flordia, the invasive iguanas are entering a state of hibernation. In this state of hibernation, they are not able to hang on to branches and subsequently fall out of the trees.

NPR was skeptical about the warning so Ari Shapiro contacted Ron Magill at Zoo Miami who confirmed the report from the weather service and told an amazing story where a man filled up his car with the frozen iguanas.

And in Central America, iguana is a delicacy. It’s something – they’re actually farmed for food. So this gentleman just thought, wow, I just have a bunch of protein here. He’s on Key Biscayne. He’s sort of picking up all these iguanas that appear to be dead on the road that had fallen out of trees. They turned gray and were not moving at all and very cold to the touch.

And he put them into his vehicle. He’s loading them up like he was stocking up for a big barbecue. When they went back into the vehicle, the vehicle warmed up, and those iguanas started coming back to life. And all of a sudden, they started getting up and running around in the car, and it caused an accident.

Ron Magill of the Miami Zoo

Iguanas are an invasive species. Hopefully, this cold front will help knock their numbers down to a more reasonable level and the parts of the environment they have damaged to recover.

Here is a video of one falling out of a tree if you want more proof.