Florida Man Goes Bait Fishing At Edge Of Lagoon: Two Days Later…

58-year-old John “Corky” Lewis – an avid fisherman – was on shore of a lagoon at Ballard Park when he spotted a school of little finger mullet right up by the bank. This enabled him to cast his net without even getting wet.

According to the TC Palm, “Lewis threw his cast net twice and pulled in 70 or so mullet. With each haul, water from the net dripped down his legs and onto his feet. Because he usually has to wade into the water to catch bait, he was wearing sandals, which left a small scratch on the outside of his right ankle exposed.”

Two days later John found himself driving to the hospital at 2am with his leg in excruciating pain. The doctors treated him for cellulitis, but it was far worse than what they expected.  The water that had dripped onto his leg was contaminated with Vibrio vulnificus, which causes potentially deadly infections in certain demographic groups – mainly older men with underlying health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

After 11 surgeries in 18 days – plus a 38 day stint at a rehab facility – doctors told Lewis that staff had not expected him to live. Indeed, two other men – David Trudell, 65, of Port St. Lucie, died two days after he was poked by the fin of a fish he’d just pulled from the lagoon. Bill Benton, 68, of Fort Pierce, died from the bacteria, three days after swimming in the lagoon.

Doctors attribute Lewis’ survival to the fact that the infection didn’t enter his bloodstream, which would have caused sepsis.

As for Lewis, he says he’s not likely to go salt-water fishing again.

You can watch the video of his ordeal here. Caution: Graphic content.