Former Game Warden Cited for Illegal Disposal of a Deer Carcass

If you are a retired state wildlife officer you should know the proper way to dispose of a deer carcass. Dumping it on someone else’s property is not the right way to do it. This guy defiantly knew better.  I wonder how many tickets did  he issued for similar violations while he was on the force.

According to the Scuppernong Reminder, Carl Willis of Columbia, North Carolina has been charged with misdemeanor littering for dumping a deer carcass on someone else’s property on 15 Oct 2018.  The Tyrrell County Sheriff issued the citation on 19 October and is due to appear in court on November 6th.

Willis is currently serving on the Tyrrell County board of commissioners and is Chairman of the County’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

To many it may seem like a minor infraction, but we all know this man new better. He cannot claim ignorance and as a public servant he should be held to a high standard.