Former host of hunting show pleads guilty to poaching deer.

Chris Brackett, former host of the hunting show “Fear No Evil” plead guilty in federal court to unlawful transportation of wildlife.

Chris Brackett admitted that on December 2013, he killed two bucks within a couple of minutes of each other in Indiana. Indiana is a one buck state. He shot an excellent 8 point then a much larger 11 point buck stepped out. He shot the second buck and instructed his cameraman and producer to delete the footage.

Brackett admitted that he transported the second buck back to his home in Illinois. Sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 5. Brackett has already agreed to 30-months probation with the condition that during the 30 months he will be banned from hunting world wide. He has also agreed to $3,500 in restitution to the State of Indiana and to pay a $26,500 fine.