Hunter finds Foul Smelling Shed

This might be the weirdest and stinkiest shed of the year. Garret Hill posted his find in a shed hunting group on Facebook. He described the antler as rotten and mentioned how horrible it smelled.

Explain this, fresh, full velvet, could it be a hormone dysfunction doe? Not a shed its broke off near base but very fresh, also has a terrible smell    


The conclusion of most of commenters came too was that it was either a antler doe or a buck with damaged testicles that dropped the antler.


One of the comments stated that, “I‘ve read that these velvet bucks or does usually don’t shed ,their antlers continue to have blood supply to develop. They’re always at risk of breaking off due to soft some cases severe breaks deer have risk of bleeding out.

That pretty much sounds like cactus buck a condition where the antlers never loose velvet and keep growing as log as the deer is growing.

It is defiantly a unique find. I have no idea how to preserve it besides taking a picture. No one wants a half rotten stinky antler in their house.