The True Beginning of Summer: Frog Season

Traditionally summer begins on memorial day weekend.

Although the official date is weeks away. The kids are getting out of school and the days are getting hotter. All of those are great indicators, but what really marks the start off summer for me is the opening of frog season.


(VIDEO BELOW)There is nothing like heading out to your local pond or swamp after it has cooled down. Listening for the unmistakable sound of a large bullfrog, then trying to find two little eyes glowing in the dark. It always takes me a few attempts to re-calibrate my gigging skills, but once you get in the zone frogs just start flying into the bag.

Not only is gigging frogs a load of fun but it provides the prefect summer treat. Frog legs are delicious. I like them coated in panko then pan fry them in butter.

Here in Ohio the season starts the second Friday in June. Here is our video from last year to get hyped for season opener next weekend.