Funny Deer Prank is Actually Serious Crime!

State law enforcement officials are looking for the person or persons who apparently played a prank on deer hunters around Lanesboro, Minnisota by putting red tags strapped to a deers ear that said “Don’t” “Miss.’’

Lou Cornicelli, wildlife research manager for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, said his office also is investigating the oddity as part of its probe into potential sources of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in Fillmore County.

The DNR is treating the county as a special disease management zone. This is because last year 16 deer tested positive for CWD in the zone. There is no cure currently for CWD

Some people may think this is a funny prank, but it could have very bad consequences. If this deer was released from a deer farm that could be the cause of CWD. High fence deer operations have a growing reputation for spreading CWD into wild deer herds. Another possibility is some red neck kids got a hold of a tranquilizer gun and did this as a prank. It is illegal to capture a wild deer, and its a bad idea for rednecks to have access to tranquilizer guns.