Fur Shop Trolls Protesters in the Most Perfect Way!

A local fur shop in New York was recently being protested. The protesters held a sign that read, wear your own skin and another that read, trapping is barbaric evolve.  One of them is seen in the picture wearing what appear to be leather boots, but we will skip over the apparent hypocrisy for now.

shown below: unidentified gendered person holding anti fur sign
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A friend of the store owner decided to troll the protester, and was very successful. He made his own sign that reads, Honk if you hunt while wearing a coon skin hat. There were so many people honking that the protesters packed up left shortly after the new sign was made.

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Most people in our country eat meat and have leather or fur products in their house or car. As long as we are sharing our hunting stories in a way that shows respect of the animals we hunt and trap, hunting will continue to have a high approval rating in the US.