Game Commission Lays Out Possible Charges Against Deer Stomping pair

Last Saturday the video of two teens abusing a deer went viral. There are calls all across the country via petition to charge the pair with felony animal abuse charges. While the actual charges have not been officially announced, a spokesman from the PA Game Commission did state what the possible charges might be included.

In an interview with Penn Live, Chip Brunst, information and education supervisor for the commission’s Northwest Region, stated that some of the possible charges the teens face, besides state animal cruelty laws, may include, unlawful taking or possession of game, failure to wear the required amount of fluorescent orange while hunting, and use of unlawful devices and methods under Pennsylvania’s Game and Wildlife Code.

He also stated that the commission has not yet filed charges and the investigation is still underway and there are “several meetings scheduled.” So we will have to wait and see exactly what they are charged with.

Back in 2017, PA strengthened their animal abuse laws and if they are charged under that law the face up to 7 years n jail and/or up-to a $15,000 fine.

This story is far from over. We will keep you posted as things progress.