Game Commission Turns Over Evidence to DA in PA Deer Torturing Case

A lot of people have been complaining that it is taking entirely too long to file charges against the two Pennsylvania me who videotaped themselves torturing a wounded deer. But the wheels are starting to move.

According to Butler News, the Pennsylvania Game Commission is currently forwarding all evidence to the District Attorney’s office in Jefferson County. This shows that the PGC has finished their investigation and is giving all their findings to an agency that can file criminal charges.

Some of the charges that the PGC may be considering may include state animal cruelty laws, unlawful taking or possession of game, failure to wear the required amount of fluorescent orange while hunting, and use of unlawful devices and methods under Pennsylvania’s Game and Wildlife Code.

The Butler News also stated that federal animal cruelty charges will not apply in this case.

The new federal guidelines for making animal abuse a felony does not coincide with the incident that took place in Brookville. For the felony statute to take effect, the animal must be domesticated and not one that is or could be hunted.

Butler News

I understand that people are upset and want things to move quickly, but I would rather the PGC take their time and get this right, than rush things and end up with charges that dropped on technicalities. Hopefully we will see charges soon.