Game Warden Charged With Theft

An Alabama game warden was arrested on the 24th of October for shoplifting from the Prattville Bass Pro Shop. James “Hasty” Hudson, 56 was caught trying to sneak 74 dollars worth of Archery equipment out the door. He got caught and was taken the Autauga County Metro Jail on charges of  misdemeanor theft.

According to WSFA’s police blotter, “Hasty” was in uniform and was driving a state vehicle when he was caught. Court documents show “Hasty” allegedly stole two sets of broad heads valued at $73.98.

According to The Montgomery Advisor, he was treated the same as anyone else, despite being in uniform. He was fingerprinted, booked and had his photograph taken, However he was not placed in general population for the safety , because he is a law enforcement officer.

Chuck Sykes, director of the conservation department’s division of wildlife and freshwater fisheries, confirmed Monday night that Hudson was placed on “mandatory” 10-day paid, personal leave pending an internal investigation.

That defiantly leaves a black eye on Alabama’s game law enforcement agency. In my opinion “Hasty” loses all credibility as a public servant and he should be dismissed. How can he enforce laws when he disregards them. I guess James “Hasty” Hudson was not very “Hasty.”

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