Game Warden Issues Citation To Man For Taking Rescued Deer

Last week 4 deer were rescued from a frozen lake in Pennsylvania. One died during the rescue and two others ran off. A third deer was laying on the ground not doing well when John Stroll Jr. put the small buck in his truck and took it home. He was recently contacted by a game warden informing him that he would be receiving a citation that would cost between $100-$200.

Stroll and his wife put the deer in their garage and covered it with a blanket. Despite their best efforts, the deer died 12 hours later. He later buried the deer in his back yard.

It took rescuers 3.5 hours to get the deer free from the ice. Stroll said the game wardens would either kill the deer or just leave it. He added ” Why did we even spend the effort to get him out?”

He was informed Monday that he would be receiving a citation. He said, “I will never do nothing for the game commission ever again.”

Many times well meaning people try to help wildlife only to hurt them more. It seems this deer was going to die either way. I understand that the Game commission could be concerned with other people trying to save animals and hurting them more. It would make more sense to me if they put out a press release to educate people instead of passing out fines to well intending citizens.