Game warden lays down suppressive fire saving two police officers

Attempted murder suspect William James was involved in a week-long manhunt that began on March 28th after a shoot out with police.

Idaho Fish and Game conservation officer Randy Martinez was off duty unloading construction materials at a friend’s house when he heard gunshots across the highway. Two Adams County Sheriff’s were being shot at in a Feed store parking lot. The two officers were pinned down behind their car while James was shooting at them from a nearby shed. Martinez grabbed a handgun and ran across the highway to assist the officers. Martinez informed the officers where the shots were coming from as James advanced towards them.

Martinez fired back at the suspect, causing him to turn and run away. Martinez followed while maintaining cover in a ditch. He stopped officers that were responding to the incident before they reached the potential line of fire.

The press release from the Idaho Fish and Game department describes Martinez’s career.

Officer Randy Martinez is a 17-year veteran of the Department of Fish and Game and continues to devote his career to the preservation, protection and perpetuation of Idaho’s fish and wildlife resources. As a sworn peace officer, he also takes seriously his duty to protect the citizens of Idaho.

James was taken into custody on April 4th without any further incident.