The Game Warden Did Not Even Believe This

Have you ever had something so crazy happen to you that it totally blow your mind?

Well Dale M. Struemph of Living the Dream Outdoor Properties had one of those events happen this last week. Dale dropped this doozey onto Facebook and if it was not for the pictures and video, I probably would have called him a liar. So here it is in all of it amazing glory.

So when you spend a lot of time in the woods, you run across some crazy things. But today was the wildest that's ever happen to me. While viewing a property with a landowner, we came across a old buck that was obviously sick because it didn’t even startle when we drove by it. Knowing something wasn’t right, with the landowner’s permission, I called the county game warden and asked if he wanted to test if it had any diseases and whether I should shoot it. He said he would prefer to dispatch it himself but I should take care of it if the deer starts to wonder off before he could get there.


So the landowner went to meet the game warden who was 40 minutes out. While they were gone, the buck started to wonder around and I thought I’d have to dispatch him a couple times which I really didn’t want to do. He just kept walking and I really didn’t want him to get away. I then decide, IM GOING TO TIE THIS DEER UP. The buck walked up to the fence and that’s when I grabbed a piece of wire and slowly walked up behind it. While he was walking into the fence, that he barely realized was there, I came up behind him and tired the wire around his antler and then quickly tied it to the fence post. He barely realized what happened and just stood there as if he was stuck in a tree or something.

SO about 10 minutes later the game warden showed up, looked around, looked at me, said”where’s the deer?” I said “I have him tied up down there.” He snickers with doubt, as anyone would, and we just start walking that direction. You should have seen his face when he looked up to see this massive buck actually tied to the post. “I told you I tied him up.” After a minute to take it all in, and a couple laughs, he dispatched the deer and it was observed that he had some green pus coming from an antler that was breaking the skin behind the antler base and that the infection probably spread to the brain causing the odd behavior, he is still going to send it off for testing.


Glad to see he is no longer suffering and that the coyotes didn’t eat him alive, still can’t believe the crazy day it was. So now I know what everyone talks about when they ask “you got a big buck tied up for this weekend?”

If you have a crazier hunting story I would love to hear it.