Game Warden Recovering After being shot “This Was Not an Accident.”

ODNR officer Kevin Behr was shot in December investigating a deer poaching complaint. He has finally left the ICU after nearly a month and is on his way to recovery.

Behr is now in a private room at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he can see the Cincinnati skyline. Tuesday night, a bunch of cruisers lined up on the nearby Goodyear garage and flashed their lights in a show of support.

“I know Officer Behr looked out from his window with his wife, and hopefully that was an emotional moment for him,” CPD Lt. Steve Saunders said. “I know it was an emotional moment for me and many officers that are here.”

Behr’s wife Kathy said they still have a journey to go, but they are happy to make it. She added that it was a miracle he is alive, and they will make the most of it.

While three men have been arrested, officials say it was 43-year old Brian Liming that took the shot.

“This was not an accident,” says Chris Gilkey with FOP Lodge 143. “Someone purposely made the decision to pull the trigger and to shoot, and that ultimately resulted in Kevin being injured the way he did. This was by no means an accident.”

Behr’s wife and three kids still have restrictions on seeing him and could not be with him on Christmas. All three of the suspects are out on bond at this time.

A fundraiser has been set up where you can donate to help officer Behr and his family.