Game Warden Settles Dispute Between Hunters Who Shot the Same Deer

If two hunters shoot the same deer, who does it belong to? Is it the one who draws the first blood or the one to put the finishing shot on it? Or is the one who places his tag on the deer? These questions were answered after an incident that occurred in Michigan when a Game Warden was called in to mediate a dispute between two hunters.

According to Michigan Live, Conservation Officer Mike Haas received a complaint that a hunter had stolen another hunter’s deer. He arrived on the scene and interviewed both hunters and started investigating.

After examining the deer and following the blood trails he discovered that the first hunter shot the deer through its hind legs. The deer then proceeded to run onto a neighbors property where it was shot by the second hunter.

The first hunter was not happy with the investigation and thought that the deer belonged to him since he had shot it first. The game warden explained the law and told the hunter that his neighbor had shot and tagged the deer legally.

So there you have it, folks, in Michigan if you are the one that actually kills the deer it belongs to you.

Have you ever been in this situation?