Gator Steal Young Angler’s Fish along with his Pole {VIDEO}

You are just trying to enjoy a nice day fishing and you finally catch a nice fish when out of nowhere a monster alligator swims in a steals your fish, and to make matters worse he takes off with your pole as well. That would just be a bad day.

That is exactly what happened to a seven-year-old Dawson McMahon of Palm Coast who was fishing with his dad in their back yard when he had the encounter of a lifetime. He was reading in a hog of a bass but old mister gator decided he wanted a snack a snatched that sucker right off the line taking Dawson’s pole with it.

No one except the bass was hurt during the incident and we were not told if the boy was ever able to recover his fishing pole. That is definitely something he will remember for the rest of his life.