Giant Kansas Whitetail Killed by 14-Year-Old Measured

Back in September 14-year-old, Paslie Werth of Cimarron Kansas put one of the largest whitetails of the 2020 deer season on the ground. That buck has now been scored by Buck Masters and entered into their record books.

Deer scorer, Wayne Cox, measured the deer and posted the results to Facebook.

Yesterday I had the distinct honor of measuring a world-class whitetail. Paslie Werth of Cimarron Kansas shot a whitetail buck on 9-6-20 during the early youth season with a rifle. This buck was no fluke that just happened to walk by. He was killed on the family farm. The family had known about this buck and was watching him for the last three years, deciding to let him walk and see what he might grow into. Well, that was the right decision, and the buck really put on the growth. To put in perspective what this young 14-year-old girl has done let me break it down. In the current Buckmasters Trophy Records Book in the “Irregular Category” Paslie has broken the current Kansas record held by a woman for killing a buck which was Jamie Remmers, and so now she has the largest buck ever killed in the state of Kansas by a woman, she has now the 4th largest buck in the state of Kansas killed by a rifle by anyone, she has now the 6th largest buck in the state killed by “any weapon”. And to top that off she has the 11th largest Irregular buck killed by a rifle in the WORLD. All this for a wonderful young lady at the tender age of 14. Congratulations to a delightful young lady that I had the pleasure of getting to meet with her and her family and hearing her story. I can’t wait to see an read her story in the February issue of Rack magazine.Paslie Werth ~ 9-6-2020 ~Kiowa County, KansasRifle ~ 42 Points ~ IrregularTotal Inches: 266-2/8 ~ BTR Score: 283-0/8

However, the state of Kansas uses the Boone and Crockett scoring system to determine their state record and Paislie’s buck will not be eligible to be officially scored until after the 60-day drying period is up, which should be on or about 5 November 2020.

Looking at these scores it is very possible she will be the official state record holder and even if she is not, she killed an incredible buck. We will keep you posted when that measurement comes out.