Giant Ohio Deer Appears To Not Have Been “Free Range”

The internet blew up this past weekend with an 280 inch monster buck reportedly killed in Carrol County, Ohio. Pictures spread like wildfire and hunters from across the nation were awe struck. As soon as the pictures started circulating of course people start yelling “High Fence.” This seems to happen with every huge buck that gets killed. Last year when the new World record Tucker buck was killed people were yelling it as well, but this time it appears they may be right.

Pictures of the dead buck appeared on December 2. Late on December 3rd Xtreme World Class Whitetails of Ohio (a High Fence Operation) posted this on their Facebook account.

This Massive Long Beamed, Long Tined Whitetail is pushingan incredible 300 inches !(Photo Taken Last Week!)Late Season Hunts Still Available and We're AlreadyBooking for Next Year!

Posted by Xtreme World Class Whitetails of Ohio on Sunday, December 3, 2017

Is that the same buck?

It sure looks like it. The  split fork tines on the left beam and the distinct drop tine are dead a give away.

What I do not know is if the hunter intentionally tried to misrepresent the deer as free range. He never made a statement or posted anything firsthand. All the information including his name came from second hand sources. It is very possible he had no idea it was happening until blew way out of his control.

If I had to guess Extreme World Class Whitetails posted the picture for two reasons. 1. To show it was not a free range deer like everyone reported and 2. Get some free advertising when people share where the buck really came from.

We will  update his post if more information surfaces.