Gigantic Swarms of Mosquitoes Killing Livestock and Wildlife

The aftermath of hurricane Laura is causing some unexpected results. Parts of Louisiana are now suffering massive swarms of mosquitoes that are literally killing livestock and wildlife.

According to Yahoo News, animals are being killed by the sheer number of mosquito bites. They are left anemic as well as massive bleeding under the skin. Some are also dying from exhaustion caused by constantly moving to avoid the biting insects.

According to Dr Craig Fontenot, a vet in the city of Ville Platte, the “vicious little suckers”, pushed out of marshes by the huge storm, have already claimed some 300-400 cattle and a deer farm has already lost close to 30 deer.

The surge in mosquito populations is a result of the hurricane induces flood coming right before the peek mosquito egg laying time, and the pooling water made the perfect environment for the new insects to grow and hatch.

Some parishes have launched massive spraying operations and have turned the tide but others are still struggling.

While most of the animal mortality data comes from domestic livestock, wildlife is also feeling the effects, but the extent is not really know.