Give Your Gun a Gun with the Gun Mounted Pistol Holster

What is the most ‘merica gun accessory? How about a second gun that attaches to your first gun. Because who does not want more guns? I know I do.

Gripshot Inc. introduces the SERPA holster that mounts to the side of your rifle or shotgun, so you can keep your sidearm visible while you wield your primary weapon and supposedly makes drawing it faster.

How useful this accessory is definitely debatable. It adds weight to your primary firearm and makes it way more cumbersome. Also, we are not convinced you can draw your weapon fast using it compared to a belt hoster.

The company posted a few videos on YouTube showing the application of the holstering system. This video features a taser mounted to a shotgun. The operator explains this gives the shooter both lethal and non-lethal capabilities.

I might agree with that assessment if you could fire the taser while it is engaged in the holster, but it appears you have to remove it before firing wasting a few precious seconds.

This next scenario the company presents seems a little unrealistic. If you hold your gun just like this when someone trys to take it you can quickly give them your rifle as you draw your pistol and shoot them with it.

It seems if you are not carrying your weapon in a certain way your assailant get two guns for the price of one and you are completely unarmed.

This set up seems like a complete gimmick that lacks a necessity, but if you want the most ‘merca gun accessory have at it Hoss.

It appears this product failed to take off. The companies website no longer exists and their Facebook page has not been updated since 2018. Maybe you can find one in the bargain bin of a surplus junk store.