Going Full-Auto with a Mag of Incendiary Rounds

Going to the range is fun especially when you have a weapon that can go full auto and you have a magazine full of cool rounds to fire off.

Incendiary rounds are designed to burn on contact and are typically used for piercing armor. The military has such rounds in a variety of calibers, but some such as the .223 are available for civilians.

Incendiary ammunition has been around since WWI. Phosphorus was the primary ingredient of those rounds and ignited when fired. The rounds were only effective as incendiary devices until the phosphorus burned off which was only about 350 yards.

In WWII they were often used as anti-aircraft rounds. They not super effective against planes but they did have one advantage over normal bullets, if they happened to strike the plane’s fuel system they were devastating.

Here is a British WWII pilot describing what it was like to be shot down with this type of round:

“I could smell powder smoke, hot and strong, but it didn’t make me feel tough this time. It was from the cannon shells and incendiary bullets that had hit my machine…Bullets were going between my legs, and I remember seeing a bright flash of an incendiary bullet going past my leg into the gas tank…Then a little red tongue licked out inquiringly from under the gas tank in front of my feet and became a hot little bonfire in one corner of the cockpit.”


That had to be scary as hell. This video is by far not that intense but it is still pretty cool. Going Ballistic shows us just how powerful and devastating those rounds are when they go full auto on a variety of targets.

If you want to buy your own and have some fun they have incendiary ammunition for sale at Wolf Hill Ammo. It is not cheap but a ton of fun.