Golfers Beat Bobcat with Clubs During Attack

A four-some of golfers were enjoying a nice day out on the links, when out of no where a bobcat jumps on one of the golfers back. The other three jump to his defense by beating the bobcat with their clubs.

According to the Hartford Courant, the cat managed to escape the beating of the golfers but was tracked and dispatched by the environmental police. The golfer that was attacked was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

Surprisingly, the golfer was not the cats first victim; it attacked a horse earlier in the morning before it made its way to the golf course. The horse is expected to recover.

Sgt. Christopher Dwyer of the state Department of Energy & Environmental Protection police force said the bobcat tested positive for rabies.

According to Dwyer, the bobcat slashed a horse’s neck and eye about 8 a.m. an eighth of a mile from the golf course. About a half hour later, police received a report that a bobcat attacked a golfer at the Mohegan Sun Golf Club. The bobcat jumped on the man’s back, and his fellow golfers used their clubs to fight back.

“They thought it was dead,” he said, but the bobcat got up and ran away.

Environmental police responded and began tracking the bobcat. They found the animal, hissing, in a culvert and shot it.

I hope the man is alright, but part of me does wonder, how many strokes it took to get the stop the attack.