Gordon Ramsay Slammed Online For “Thoughtless And Cruel” TV Show

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is in the hot seat after the latest episode of his show Uncharted. After eating guinea pigs in Peru, He headed to the remote corners of New Zealand’s rugged South Island, where he “discovered the secrets of Maori cuisine”.

The Maori people are traditionally hunters and gatherers. Ramsay went out and hunted a mountain goat for his meal. After he shot the goat, He prepared it in fuchsia berry chutney and a roast salad of wild forest herbs.

After the episode aired, animal rights activist started an online mob targeting Ramsay. One commenter said, “Yes National Geographic keep profiting from this planet, keep sending these ‘cooks’ … around the world to keep killing all types of animals.”

“Not enough to kill … pigs, chickens, goats. All in the name of $$$$$$$. Shame on you.”

Another woman tweeted: “@GordonRamsay I hate you and your uncharted show!! Passing through channels and saw you just shoot a goat!! You are the worst.”

The online mob is coming for Ramsay, but I believe that is the loud minority.