Government getting in the way of Hunters!

Most hunters share there harvest with others.

This helps the community and paints a positive picture of what and who hunters are. There is no better example than that of a yearly program that donates thousands of pounds of pork to people in need. Hunters spend days killing wild hogs that are harmful to the habitat and donate all of the meat. This year the USDA put an abrupt stop to it. here is the post from the Facebook group Tennessee deer hunter.

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3 days, 15,494lbs (gutted) of feral hogs taken with dogs, at no cost to any taxpayer. The USDA won’t allow this free range, hormone free, organic pork go to a processor and be donated to the food bank like has been done years before. (Yet another case of government getting in the way – for the benefit of corporate farming.). If any state agencies can come up a tax neutral plan that gets hog numbers like us dog hunters do then speak up! Next week AFGC is going to blow god knows how many tens of thousands of hard earned taxpayer dollars on helicopter gun rides (aka play time at taxpayers expense)to gun down and waste pork. Maybe they can just save time and slap us in the face, burn our money in pretty fires, and make our slavery easier to see with actual bars.