Government Turns to Hunters to Fight Terrorists

America’s hunters are deadly with firearms combine that with woodsmanship makes the American hunters a more formidable foe than mire civilians. There is a quote that is attributed to Japanese Admiral Yamamoto Isoruka as to why the Japanese did not invade the mainland United States after Pearl Harbor. Because “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

He understood that hunters and other firearm owners posed a substantial obstacle to Japan invading the United States. He assumed hunters would mount a guerilla type defense and ultimately cause an invasion to fail.

Nigerian hunter ready for war

Nigeria has taken notice of their hunters and has decided to use their unique skills to fight terrorists.

According to, thousands of Nigerian hunters with intimate knowledge of Nigeria’s harsh terrain, are preparing an offensive against the Boko Haram. The terrorist group has been operating in the country for the past decade with little resistance from Nigeria’s regular army.

The Nigerian government dismissed the idea five years ago calling it a suicide mission, but recently changed their mind. The state government decided to use what ever lawful methods available to put down the Boko Haram.

Member of Terrorist group Boko Haram

Hunters are seen as the only group with intimate knowledge of the forests and other terrains in the vast region near Lake Chad. The government hopes to use their knowledge in combination with traditional forces to root out the terrorist and return peace to the region.

“We are so happy with the move the state governor is making by recognizing the contributions that the hunters can bring into the counterinsurgency war,” said hunters’ chief, Maigana Maidurma. “We are ready to lay down our lives if that is what it would take to bring peace to our dear land.”

The hunters are now waiting for equipment and supplies and are eager to take back their land.

“We don’t fear guns but fear only God,” 32-year-old hunter Auwal Unar said. “When we roar in the jungle even the lions fear because our fathers have tapped the secret of the forests, so Boko Haram will have no hiding place. They will have no choice than to surrender, or they die if they dare stand in our way.”