Governor attempts to steal $11 million from sportsmen then fires head of Fish and Wildlife Department

Kentucky’s Governor Andy Beshear attempted to take $11 million from license fees, tags, and other monies from the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department.

Kentucky has no general taxes to fund the Fish and Wildlife department. All of their money comes from license, tags, and taxes on outdoor equipment. Fortunately, the legislature cut this out of Governor Beshear’s budget.

The Governor then attempted to block the reappointment of Rich Storm, the head of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. This attempt was made even though all nine district commissioners unanimously reappointed Storm.

According to Jim Strader, “The Governor and cabinet’s attempts to block Commissioner Storm’s contract are contrary to Kentucky Revised Statute 150.061, which clearly states the Fish and Wildlife Commission has the sole authority to hire Commissioner Storm. Attorney General Daniel Cameron has ruled the contract is valid and legal.”

Hunters and anglers need to stand against politicians putting their greedy hands on your conservation dollars. If you live in Kentucky, remember this in the next election.