Governor Gets Busted Poaching a Wolf Gets Off with Warning

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte received a written warning from wildlife officials after killing a radio-collared wolf near Yellowstone National Park. While the governor tried to do the right thing, many ordinary hunters feel they wouldn’t have been treated the same way.

Governor Gianforte trapped and shot a wolf on February 15, only weeks after taking office. The radio-collared wolf was taken about 10 miles north of Yellowstone National park on a ranch owned by a director for the conservative Sinclair Broadcasting Group.

Governor Gianforte had a license and tag to take the wolf but failed to take the required state-mandated trapping course. Wildlife officials informed him of the violation when he attempted to check in the wolf.

‘In situations like this, we used it as an educational opportunity and issued a written warning,’ wildlife official Greg Lemon said. ‘Everything related to the harvest was done right.’

This was his second poaching violation to date. In 2000 Gianforte admitted to shooting and an elk that was not big enough for the unit he was in and received a $70 fine.

This seems to be a simple mistake but I wonder how many normal hunters out there have made mistakes and still been given tickets.