Governor sued by Fish & Wildlife Commission

Last week Governor Beshear of Kentucky attempted to steal $11 million the Fish and Wildlife department to pad his budget. After being blocked by Republicans, he then tried to take away head commissioner Storms contract.

This week the Commission voted (7-0) to reassert their sole and legal authority to hire and fire the head of the Department. This authority is backed up by the 150 Kentucky Revised Statutes. The Commission also voted to hire Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s office to provide legal counsel regarding Storm’s contract and initiate any legal proceedings and appeals necessary to implement the Commissions appointment. If necessary, the Commission is willing to take the appeals to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Beshear claims that he objected to the contract based on the fact that it is a two-year contract. Governor Beshear is attempting to only give commissioner Storm a one year contract because of the current state of the economy. He fails to mention that his administration has approved 900 two year contracts, including a four-year contract for $260,000 per year, to the Commissioner of Education. That is a $60,000 raise over last year.

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