[Very Graphic Video] Thai Man Teases Black Bear With Food. Bear Eats Him Instead.

As kids we were always told to not feed the bears.

Local newspaper Khaosod English reported 38-year-old Fon Promlad was teasing the bear, with a bowl of rice. The bear ignored the rice and seized Promlad’s wrist and dragged him into the enclosure.

The bear dragged Promlad around the enclosure. Onlookers desperately tried to help by poking the bear with a stick and pouring water on him. All efforts were to no avail.

Another local newspaper, Thairath Online, quoted the caretaker of the bear, Wandee Khawasawat, asserting the bear had never hurt anyone before. Khaosod reported the bear was shifted from the monastery to a government wildlife center after the attack on Promlad.