Grizzly Bear vs Bison in Fight to the Death {VIDEO}

A family visiting Yellowstone National Park got to see a lot more than what they bargained for. They witnessed a knock down drag out fight to the death between to of North America’s most iconic animals, the grizzly bear and the American bison.

The family was visiting the Grand Prismatic Overlook trail when they saw a grizzly bear in the parking lot. When they returned from their hike the bear was squaring off with a young bison. They recorded the entire incident and posted the video to YouTube.

This video depicts just how brutal nature can be. It takes the bear almost five minutes to kill the bison. That is five minutes of pain and suffering.

As a hunter I do my best to make a clean quick kill. A well placed shot will kill in seconds and is much more humane than how animals in the wild take down their prey.