Grizzly Takes Down Bull Elk in Yellowstone River

Grizzly bears are amazing creatures. Their pure power is something to behold. They are definitely at the top of the food chain and this video shows us why.

Bull elk are nothing to be trifled with either. They are very powerful and can hold their own in a fight, but this giant is quickly subdued by the sheer power of the mighty grizzly bear.

This video was posted to YouTube by BE Judson. According to the video description it was shot in the Haden Valley area of the Yellowstone River.

At first light this morning I pulled over noting a Bull Elk with a few cows in the upper right of the meadow depicted in the opening photograph. I was startled moments later by a Bull Elk running into the Yellowstone River pursued by a large Grizzly Bear. The Grizzly was successful in taking down the Bull Elk after only a few minutes, but it worked for around a half an hour to redirect it to the far side of the river and secure it on the east bank, about one- hundred yards downstream from the north end of Hayden Valley.

This video is amazing .. on Sept 18 – @yellowstonenps National Park .. an almost 800 pounds Grizzly is recorded hunting and Killing an adult Bull Elk .. amazing the speed and the hunting strategy of this bear .. the Elk tried to fight but the strength and determination of this bear were more.. and at the end you can see the whole video amazing .. thank u @yellowstonenps for posting this in the YouTube page .. just wooo #grizzlyyellowstone #grizzlybears #grizzlyhunting #elkhunting #elk #yellowstonenationalpark #survival #thefight #usanationalparks

Posted by Bea Jimenez on Saturday, September 19, 2020

Personally, I think being in the water put this elk at a disadvantage. The bear seemed way more maneuverable. If the elk would have stayed on land things might have been different.