Groups like PETA and HSUS Blocked from Infiltrating State Game Agency

Anti-hunters are trying different tactics to end hunting as we know it. They have used non-scientific based legislation to curtal certain hunting practices in an attempt to kill hunting using the death of 1000 cuts strategy.

One of their newest ploys was to attempt to infiltrate state fish and game agencies and fill them with board members that would limit hunting even further. Lucky for hunters the Sportsmen’s Alliance was there to launch a campaign to stymie the attempted take over.

In a press release, the Sportsmen’s Alliance announced the defeat of a bill in the New Hampshire legislature that would allow groups such as PETA, HSUS, and other anti-hunting groups to nominate people to serve on the state Fish and Game Commission.

New Hampshire State Representative Cathryn Harvey’s legislation thankfully died in committee and will never become law. The bill attempted to change requirements in the nomination process of Fish and Game Commission representatives.

Currently, anyone that has held a hunting/fishing/trapping license for at least five of the last 10 years can be nominated. Nominations are proposed by sporting clubs that have a specific interest in hunting, fishing, trapping, wildlife, and habitat conservation. However, HB 118 would have reduced the number of years a nominee must have held a license to just two of the last five years and removes the requirement for nominating organizations to have an interest in hunting, fishing, or trapping. Instead, an organization that has an interest in habitat conservation could have made nominations.

“This bill would have kicked the door wide open for groups like HSUS and their Wildlife Land Trust, who are opposed hunting, to make appointments to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission,” said Jacob Hupp, associate director of state services at the Sportsmen’s Alliance. “We are glad to see this legislation did not make it out of its first committee, but this legislation is likely to return in 2022 as it has been introduced in each of the last two legislative sessions.”

Even though hunting is a moral and ethical practice there are those that do not see it that way, and they will do all within their power to take it away from us. Please support groups like the Sportsmen’s Alliance that help fight to keep hunting alive.