Gun Owners and Congress Force ATF to Back Down on Rule Change

Braced weapons had become popular since 2017 when the ATF clarified a letter to SB Tactical on the legality of stabilizing braces as shoulder stocks. Now that many people have purchased these braces, the ATF has proposed a rule that would make those brace owners criminals.

A flood of comments to the ATF has appeared to get them to back down. Almost 50,000 comments were received in only a few days, along with 90 members of congress and senate majority leader Mitch McConnell contacting the ATF.

Social media brought this issue to gun owners’ attention. Gun owners pressured the ATF and their representatives until the ATF backed down. When gun owners stick together and pressure our representatives and the ATF, we can stop these ridiculous rule changes. I hope to see pressure from gun owners on similar issues in the future.

The most articulate explanation of this attempted rule change comes from former Navy Seal and Congressmen Dan Crenshaw.

Image may contain: text that says 'Dan Crenshaw @DanCrenshawTX Great news. We flooded the ATF website with comments from gun owners all over the country, and won. The people stepped up when the administration failed to act. The people couldn't be ignored. My comment submitted last week: Your comment submitted successfully! Explosives Bureau Stabilizing Docket Folder Notice: Objective Factors v8.3 1k4-9kpy- YourReceipt EmalReceipt comment: Comment: law abiding Americans criminals.'
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