Gun Safety to be Taught in Schools

Gun Safety used to be part of a standard education many years ago. When my parents and grandparents were growing up it was nothing for them to have gun in their car so they could go hunting after school. But times have changed now the very mention of a gun or even eating a pop tart into the shape of a gun is grounds for expulsion.

Idaho is seeking to change that. They feel that education is the key to reducing violence and accidental firearms deaths. Right now The House Education Committee will consider HB240 that will allow Idaho public school boards to offer elective courses in gun safety to their students. The classes would be developed by Idaho Department of Fish and Game, law enforcement agencies, or firearms associations for the state’s youth. The measure would not mandate classes and carries no funding to support them, but would encourage local school boards to consider offering them to students.

“Even if kids don’t have guns in their home, there’s a significant chance they will encounter them in the homes of their friends or in other situations,” said state Rep. Ron Nate, R-Rexburg, in a bulletin issued through the Idaho Legislature.

“Teaching them the proper dangers and cautions will help keep them and their friends safe. Many gun safety programs also teach about active shooter situations and what to do. This is valuable training for when and if such a horrible incident might occur in Idaho,” he said.

According to, Idaho is not the first state to try this. Both Louisiana and Missouri have introduced similar legislation. Just like the bill in Idaho neither law makes gun safety mandatory.

We can only hope that the bill passes and school districts will take advantage of it.

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