Hanna Barron ‘noodling queen’ kills her biggest buck ever

It is no secret that some of the female pro staff today are only becoming relevant due to their looks. It is refreshing to see a huntress become famous for her impressive outdoor skills.

Hannah became famous online after a video went viral, showing her noodling for catfish. Noodling is when one goes underwater and shoves there arm in a catfish mouth. When it bits down on your arm, you come up with the fish.

If you check out her social media, you will see she has been hunting, fishing, and noodling long before she was known online. Her Instagram now has 757k followers, and her Facebook page has nearly 1 million!

Congratulations to Hannah Barron on her monster velvet whitetail taken with a bow. Here you can see the picture of the buck and some of her other outdoor accomplishments.