What happens to seals with big dreams [VIDEO]

Seals live a tough life. Constantly being eaten by polar bears and they are also highly sought after for their soft fur. What can be done to help them?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the hunting of seals, but on the other hand there is a lot of controversy surrounding the hunting of polar bears as well.

There are a lot of organizations that want polar bear hunting banned around the world. If polar bears are not hunted though, they could potentially decimate the seal population. If that happened and the seals were on the verge of extinction i’m sure the seal lovers would lose their minds and demand something be done to protect the them.

The next logical step would be to allow polar bear hunting to lower the population of polar bears there in helping the seals. But then the polar bear lovers would lose their minds.

So what kind of solution would benefit both populations without wiping out one or the other?

The hunting of both species would protect them both from extinction. It has been proven that hunters are the biggest contributors to conservation.

Revenue from polar bear hunts, bag limits and regulations would keep the polar bear population in balance just like what has been done with deer and elk populations here in North America. The same would go for the seal hunters.

All hunters have a common interest in keeping healthy populations of the animals they pursue. That ensures that the animals are able to be hunted without bringing them to the brink of extinction.