Heaviest Bear Ever Killed In Pennsylvania And Possibly The World

Wow, I do not think this is trick photography.


That is one massive bear. David Price of Barrett Township arrowed this massive bruin in Pike county PA. It dressed out at a massive 744lbs putting its estimated live weight at 879 lbs. The current Pennsylvania record is held by Doug Kristiansen of Dingman Township. His bear has an estimated live weight of 864 lbs.

Game Commission Spokesman speculates that Prices bear, “… Could be number 1 in the world.” They had to wait for the mandatory 60 day drying period for the skull to be officially measured. His bear’s skull had a green score measurement of 22 inches.

What makes this bear also unique is that it was killed in PA’s first ever bear archery season and may end up being the top Pope and Young black bear.

According to the Pocono Record, “since 1992, six bears weighing at least 800 pounds have been killed in Pennsylvania.”

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