Hikers Walk Upon Black Bear Eating Human Remains

A group of hikers made a gruesome discovery when hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains when they happened upon a bear eating human remains.

According to the New York Post, while walking the North Carolina arm of the Hazel Creek Trail, just a few miles from the Tennessee border, a group of hikes cam upon a deserted campsite. There they discovered a “scattering of body parts” and an adult black bear scavenging the remains.

They group headed back down the trail until they had cell service and alerted park rangers. Who investigated the report.

“Staff arrived at campsite 82 shortly after midnight and confirmed the report of a deceased adult human male,” park officials said, the Charlotte Observer reported Saturday.

The bear was still actively scavenging the remains when rangers arrived at the campsite. They euthanized the bear, even though the bear can not be confirmed as the cause of death.

Park rangers identified the body belonging to Patrick Madura, 43, of Elgin, Illinois. The trail and campsite remain closed while authorities investigate.

This is not the first story we reported of a black bear scavenging human remains. Just last year a man who overdosed on meth had his body also scavenged by bears in the Great Smoky mountains.