Hilarious Bobcat Scoots his Butt Across the Ground after Taking Massive Dump {VIDEO}

We have all seen dogs do it, that funny crawl where they splay out their back legs and drag their butts across the ground. It is quite comical and looks hilarious. Until now dogs were the only animal I have ever seen do it, but now I can add bobcats to the list.

I do not know what this bobcat had for dinner, but he puts out a champion sized turd that most of us would be proud of. He drops a few more before he finished and cleans his butt with a quick drag across the damp moss.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Real World- New Hampshire who says the video was shot in the White Mountains.

Bobcat Poopin' & Scootin' – White Mountains, NH

When a bobcat runs out of toilet paper…White Mountains, NH. #wildlifewednesday #funnyanimals #wildlifephotography #wildlife #animals #newhampshire #whitemountains #livefreeordie #wildernesswednesday

Posted by Real World – New Hampshire on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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