How a Hillbilly Catches a Deer


I have an uncle that always tells the best hunting stories and like all good story tellers the stories he told always lacked a little something called truth. But it doesn’t really matter because every story had us rolling on the floor laughing. They would be some tall tales and would have us entertained for hours.

I came across these pictures online and thought of my uncle. I can just hear him spinning this yarn, talking about the time he caught this deer.

He would start out about how cold it was when he and my grandpa who he called Boone were hunting the mountains of West Virginia. I imagine the story would sound something like this:

“It was a cold as the cast iron commode on the shady side of the ice berg. We had been huntin’ hard for three weeks without seeing a deer. It was the last day of the hunt and I was thinkin’ we would be going home empty handed. But we had one more trick up our sleeve. I sent Boone up around that laurlly point while I sat down in the holler.”

It was not too long that I heard Boone hoopin’ and a hollarin’ and down from that point came a runnin’ three deers. I throwed up my gun, but it was a frozen solid. Them deers ran right by the tree

I was sittin by so I throwed down my gun and jumped right on the bucks back. I used his antlers like a steering wheel and drove that buck right up to Boone.”

“He took one look at me and told be me I’d better ride that deer down to the truck, so’s we don’t have ta drag’em. So here I goes right down the mountain to the truck with Boone hot on my heels.

When we gots there I rode him right into the bed of the truck jus as he passed out from pure exhaustion.”

Now back to the pictures, some guy thought it would be funny to set up a frozen deer and take a couple pictures acting like he caught it. I hope he was as good of story teller as my uncle and I bet he was a blast to hunt with.