Homeowner Shoot and Kills Burglar with Bow and Arrow

When it comes to home defense you use what you have available. A firearm is definitely more practical but as this Oklahoma burglar found out a bow will also do the job.

According to ABC 8 out of Tulsa, Police say they arrived at a home in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and discovered the back patio glass door was broken out and the suspect, Jarrod Godsey was laying on the floor inside the residence.

Police said the person living in the home, Russell Jobe, shot Godsey with a bow and arrow after he got inside the home.

Godsey was pronounced dead on the scene.

It seems like Godsey and Jobe have had a history together. Police have been called to the house a couple of times in the last month due to Godsey harassing Jobe.

The investigation is ongoing, and police did not disclose the type of bow or what type of broad head was use.

This is not the first time we have seen a bow used in home defense. We reported on this case back in 2018.