Homeowner Shot a Criminal with Bow and Arrow [VIDEO]

San Juan County deputies were called out to a home near Bloomfield, New Mexico. Where a homeowner shot a criminal with his bow and arrow.

The woman who made the call told the dispatcher that a man she did not know was bleeding all over her porch. The man on the woman’s porch turned out to be 38-year-old Eric Tillerson.  Deputies and paramedics say when they arrived they found Tillerson with an arrow lodged in his arm.

As Tillerson was rushed to a nearby hospital, deputies tracked his trail of blood to another house. The homeowner there told them Tillerson had been coming by his home throughout the day, making threats.

The homeowner then said Tillerson later jumped a fence and shot at a dog. That is when the homewowner pulled out his bow and shot Tillerson in the arm.

Tillerson said he did not know why the homeowner shot at him. He also claimed he was good friends with the person who shot him.

Now Tillerson has a long criminal history that includes numerous charges for burglary and aggravated assault.

Surveillance video surfaced connecting Tillerson to an attempted break-in just days earlier at a Farmington home.  Because of the arrow to the arm incident the police had their guy.